Using background images in holoviews

How does one use a background png image in an hv.Scatter diagram? I’ve tried using RGB.load_image() but it doesn’t display the image, only the scatterplot. However, when I show the image alone and don’t include the plot it does display, albeit a bit smaller than I’d like even though I try to set the range manually. I’m calling a show() command and including both the image and the plot. Would I need to dig down and access Bokeh or Plotly directy and add a background image that way? Thanks!

You have an example here with a box.

Holoviews gives a grammar to plots. Reading the documentation:

  1. Layout ( + ): A collection of any HoloViews objects to be displayed side by side.
  2. Overlay ( * ): A collection of HoloViews objects to be displayed overlaid on one another with the same axes.

Turns out that my bounds weren’t being set properly. I was attempting to use pic = hv.RGB.load_image(‘Pitch.png’)
pic.redim(x=hv.Dimension(‘x’, range=(-5300,5300)))
pic.redim(y=hv.Dimension(‘y’, range=(-3650,3650)))

versus just setting it using bounds like this: pic = hv.RGB.load_image(‘Pitch.png’,bounds=(-5300,-3650,5300,3650))