Using GeoPath

Has anyone used GeoPath successfully?

I have a custom made maptile, WMTS, and the following code plots the map and zooms inside a rectangle where I want it to be, but there’s no sign of the path. I can’t even see the label:

llist = [(df.Longitude.to_numpy(),df.Latitude.to_numpy())]
llist = df[[‘Longitude’, ‘Latitude’]]
hey = gv.Path(data = llist, kdims = [‘Longitude’, ‘Latitude’],label=“Path”)
why = map_to_use*hey
why.opts(xlim=(XMIN,XMAX),ylim =(YMIN,YMAX), height=400, width=800),“hey.html”)

Unfortunately, you can’t run the following code, but if anyone knows how to add a path to a maptile I can just write quickly a code involving some default maptiles.