Using Panel in Google Colab

Is it possible to use Panel in Google Colaboratory. I can get it to work with
!pip install hvplot
!pip install panel

at the top of the notebook, and everything runs OK … but I don’t get any other output (other than stuff I can print() out).

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Yes, it is possible, but very awkward due to constraints imposed by colab:

Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know that about Colab.


Here’s what I do to use it in Colab

  • Add pn.extension() in any cell going to display
  • In some case, I need to update ipykernel !pip install ipykernel -U, then restart runtime.
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In Panel 0.10.2 (released 11/18/2020), you can now use pn.extension(comms='colab'), which automatically inserts the extension code into every cell. The notebook gets a bit bloated in file size, but that way you won’t have to put pn.extension() everywhere.


You may not need to insert into every cell. Only before cell that need to display.

Here’s what I did.

import panel as pn

def pn_repr(self, include=None, exclude=None):
    return pn.viewable.Viewable._repr_mimebundle_(self, include, exclude)
pn.layout.Panel._repr_mimebundle_ = pn_repr

It only call pn.extension() before a Panel is displayed with repe_mimebundle.


I also recently find out its easy to run servers in Google Colab. This is how you do for Streamlit. use panel serve for Panel instead.


Thank you krub. You save my day!

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