Using panel Tabulator offline?

Unlike most panel widgets, Tabulator appears to need to load tabulatorjs from a CDN.
Is there a way of installing tabulatorjs and directing panel to use a local installation. This is a super-useful data browser which, unlike many equivalents does not need a Jupyter or JLab extension installed and runs in VSCode.
I’m not super familiar with npm packages. I know that you can install tabulator js locally but seems that tabulator has hard -references to tabulator and moment via CDN paths
(from panel/

JS_SRC = f"{config.npm_cdn}/tabulator-tables@{TABULATOR_VERSION}/dist/js/tabulator.js"
MOMENT_SRC = f"{config.npm_cdn}/luxon/build/global/luxon.min.js"

Seems that you would be able to do it by creating your own local CDN server, install the packages there and using the Panel CDN environment variable to point to that location.
But that’s not a trivial thing to do.
I should clarify “offline” - the target audience for this is anyone using panel in a restricted network (e.g. gov folks) where arbitrary CDN endpoints are not reachable.