VideoStream source?

How does pn.widgets.VideoStream() work?
Where does it get its data from, and how can I influence that? What is it based on? The example does not work for me (since I don’t have a webcam), and I can’t seem to find any more information the the code ( Search · videostream · GitHub )
Could it be used for other USB connectable cameras (for example: simple scientific instrumentation)


I haven’t looked, but I would assume it runs on some standard web protocol. So if you can run it in your browser with a site like you should be able to run it with the VideoStream.

Nope, the camera is not working for that website.

Where should one look exactly to learn what VideoStream() runs on?

Or are there other widgets that I could use instead?
for example, does pn.pane contain “containers” that could be used to display more or less quickly updating images?

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I’ve created a feature request for better documentation of VideoStream here Improve documentation of VideoStream · Issue #3823 · holoviz/panel ( Please upvote if you think its important.

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I think Panel is not choosing and cannot provide functionality to choose a specific device. It is something you need to Manage in your browser.

This claim is based on

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