VScode Panel parameter completion

IDEs like VScode doesnt show parameters autocomplete for panel method.
I have tries setting apply_signatures=True in pn.extension to no avail.

Any other way to get it to work?

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Hi @ItamarShDev

I would also like better autocompletion in VS Code. Some improvements will come from PR #3411 · holoviz/panel (github.com) when Panel 0.13.1 is released.

But to really get great autocompletion with tooltips in VS Code a lot has to improve. The reason being that VS code uses static type analysis via pyright. Pyright does not understand Param and similar libraries. See for example Support signatures · Issue #2855 · microsoft/pyright (github.com)

I have been experimenting with solutions and trying to gain momentum because as I see it, its a prerequisite for being a “modern” python library. But most other python libraries with some years on their back has this problem.

Please go and upvote/ comment on some of the below to show I’m not the only want who wants better help in VS Code when working with Panel and HoloViz.


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