We're hiring! Software Engineer, plus Summer Intern

Anaconda’s HoloViz group is hiring! We need a talented Python programmer who can solve client problems building on open-source tools like Panel, hvPlot, HoloViews, Lumen, and Datashader. It’s your chance to help make Python data visualization easier and more powerful! https://bit.ly/37RVoWi

We’re also looking for a (paid!) summer intern to join the HoloViz group this summer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/anaconda/jobs/2603131 Come learn from some amazing colleagues!

We’re mainly looking for people in the USA or Germany, but if you’re from elsewhere and already invested in the HoloViz ecosystem, go ahead and apply anyway and we’ll see if we could make it work.


Last chance! We’re about to review applications (we’re hiring lots, so it’s been a slow process). If you can get an application in by Monday 22 March, we can still consider it!