What are widgets that require a live Python server to work?

I would like to export my app as a stand alone HTML file, while preserving interactivity, I used
save.(“file.html”, embed = true, INLINE) command and the Select widget interacts with my plot perfectly in the exported HTML, however The DateSlider and The DateRangeSlider do not unfortuately.
I knew that there are some Widgets that require a live python server, and I would like to know if DateSlider is one of them.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

It’s not the widgets that require a live Python server, but the connections between the widgets and some code you want to be triggered by that widget. If you connect the DateSlider to the plot using .jslink or a JS callback, you should be able to support static export. If it’s connected via a Python-based pathway, it won’t. So you can’t make a list of widgets that support static export; instead make a list of which ways of connecting them support static export! Also see .embed, which can generally support even Python-based pathways by embedding the result of calling Python, so that Python itself is no longer needed.


Thank you @jbednar for your answer, I used the embed method but it does not support multiple widgets and it has restrictions in terms of the number of combinations allowed.