What formatting opts are available for hv.Table?

Are there formatting options available for hv.Table and if so where are they documented? I’ve tired using the options listed by hv.help(hv.Table) but things like

hv.Table(ds.select(chains=(14, 21))).opts(opts.Table(fontsize=20))

have no effect.

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Hi @orome

I tried searching the docs and and the web without luck. I can confirm that the options fontsize is documented but does not have any effect.

I believe there is a way by providing a custom html template with css. But that solution might not be what you are looking for.

You could report it as a bug on github as the documentation contains the fontsize but it does not have any effect. Issues · holoviz/holoviews (github.com)

@Marc Yeah seems like a bug. I’ve tried a bunch of listed options and none do anything.

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