What unicode characters are available for buttons?

The docs for Panel Button show that unicode characters can be used for “common graphical buttons” (https://panel.holoviz.org/reference/widgets/Button.html#widgets-gallery-button). I’d like to have an eye button to indicate view. There is a unicode character for this \1F441 (https://www.utf8icons.com/character/128065/eye) but it doesn’t render as the eye. My guess is that this character isn’t available in the font I’m using.

  1. Is the font something that is set by my local machine or is that set by Panel? If its set by panel, where would I find it?
  2. Could I control the font on the button by using CSS?
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I don’t know where is set the font, but if you use \U0002F441 instead of \1F441 it would works.
Check out this page
With this site you would be able to find the codes for python

You can create this button with this line :


In the notebook, the eye is rendered correctly