Where are the tutorial .ipynb notebook files located

Hi there,

coming back to Holoviz and Panel after quite an absence. Maybe a silly question, but where are the .ipynb files of the Panel tutorials located (e.g. the source fo the build_app page and all the others? I like to run them locally.

I see that the Github repo stores the Markdown files under /doc/ but not the .ipynb’s which I presume are the .md’s basis. Holoviews still has .ipynb’s under /examples/ but not Panel in its folder structure, or am I missing something? Is this the new preferred method of distributing the tutorials or are folks expected to manually convert all the .md’s to .ipynb’s?


PS: launching the build_app notebook from the website in JupyterLite via the button in the top right also returns an “File Load Error for build_app.ipynb”.