Where to find the node coordinates scaling in hv.Graph.from_networkx()

Hello everyone,

my following question is somewhat buried in the discussion of another topic, so I thought I would ask it again seperately in hopes someone might have the answer.
The conversion function

hv.Graph.from_networkx(G, positions=pos)

scales the in pos given coordinates.

If the resulting graph is processed afterwards, e.g. when trying to make the graph directed with directed=True then the unscaled coordinates (above given with position=pos) are used to make the arrows on the ends of the edges, which leads to problems.

In order to fix that, one would need to manually apply the scaling code to the node coordinates beforehand. The question then becomes:

Where can I find the specific lines of code used in hv.Graph.from_networkx() which scale the given position?

I’ve tried to find them, but familiarizing myself with the entire conversion function to single out these lines of code to has proven somewhat difficult for me.

Any help in that regard that would really be appreciated.

The previous question with a working example illustrating the problem above can by found under