Why is the PointDraw stream not updated on change of vdim?

I have a PointDraw stream instance that gets updated on a vdim, but that does not trigger an event, like when I update the coordinate.

See the recording

When I change the table entry, the plot and the stream do get updated, but the method depending on the PointDraw.data is not called, i.e. I cannot rely on it (in the sense of param.depends).

I am on holoviews 1.15.4

import param
import holoviews as hv
import panel as pn
import numpy as np
from holoviews.plotting.links import DataLink
from datetime import datetime

class AnnotatorInspired(param.Parameterized):

    _points_stream = param.ClassSelector(class_=hv.streams.PointDraw)
    _plot = param.ClassSelector(class_=hv.Points)
    _labels = param.ClassSelector(class_=hv.Labels)
    _table = param.ClassSelector(class_=hv.Table)
    _force_update = param.Event(label='Force update')
    _log = param.List(default=[])

    def __init__(self, df):
        args = dict(data=df, kdims=['x','y'], vdims=['name'])
        plot = hv.Points(**args).opts(tools=["hover"],size=10, active_tools=['point_draw'])
        labels = hv.Labels(**args)
        table = hv.Table(**args).opts(editable=True)
        DataLink(plot, table)
        DataLink(plot, labels)
        points_stream = hv.streams.PointDraw(data=df,source=plot,)
            _plot = plot,
            _labels = labels,
            _table = table,
            _points_stream = points_stream,
            _log = self._log
        self.t0 = datetime.now()
        self._log += [f"Object created at {self.t0}"]

    @param.depends("_points_stream.data", watch=True)
    def _update(self):
        self._log += [f"points_stream.data triggered at {datetime.now()-self.t0}"]
    def _update1(self):
        self._log += [f"force_update event triggered at {datetime.now()-self.t0}"]

show_log = pn.panel("")
button = pn.widgets.Button(name='Show Log', button_type='primary')
def fn(event,):
    global A
    # first three elements of the log are always created
    show_log.object = "<pre>" + "\n".join(A._log[3:]) + "</pre>"

show_points_stream_data = pn.panel("")
def fn1(event,):
    global A
    data = A._points_stream.data
    show_points_stream_data.object = "<pre>PointDraw stream content:\n" + "\n".join([
    ]) + "</pre>"

A = AnnotatorInspired({'x':[0.,.1],'y':[1.,.9],"name":['far','near']})
button.clicks += 1
main = pn.Column(
    pn.panel(A.param._force_update, width=30),
    A._table.opts(height=100, width=300),
main = pn.Row(main, A._plot*A._labels,)

FWIW, I already asked a similar question Bi-directional link btw a scatter and a table is not triggered for the label change, but without the recording to make it explicit, and tried a similar approach but probably misunderstood the problem in How to write into a PointDraw stream?.

I also tried using the Annotator, but I did not (and still do not) know
How to add additional callbacks to Annotators?