Widget Customisation


I’m trying to change the widget type and location from xarray.hvplot; but am getting the following error:

Any ideas?

These will be supported as soon as HoloViews 1.13.0 has been released (hopefully some time next week).

Awesome! Looking forward to using that.

(Probably best in another issue/discussion) One thing I just noticed: is it possible to give the coastlines method something that doesn’t correspond to current coastlines? For some users (paleoclimatologists, maybe astronomers?) it might be useful to allow another coastlines=shapefile rather than just coastlines=True/False. This is probably something that needs to be addressed in geoviews, if it isn’t too far “out of the ballpark” for a request…

Overall again another big thank you to the development team :slight_smile: Using holoviz/hvplot has so far completely rearranged how I do my research and how I teach my students.

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Glad you’ve found it useful! coastlines is really just for convenience, but you can always load a shapefile into geopandas, plot that using geoviews or hvplot, and then overlay it with another plot using *. Here are example like that: for hvplot or geoviews

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