Work in Progress: Styling of (Fast) Templates

The Templates I’m using at are called FastListTemplate, FastGridTemplate and FastGalleryTemplate.

They are based on the design system. One thing I’ve been wanting to support is changing colors. There are really three colors that can be changed: background, accent and neutral color. From there the Fast Design System calculates everything else.

Now I’ve finally reached the point where I want to make it super easy to change the style using the FastStyler.


@Marc I was using the FastGridTemplate before but now I’ve switched back to GoldenTemplate. A lot of the styling has changed, such as the fonts used in bokeh graphs and the looks of the sidebar widgets.

How can I change some of these styling settings? I’m using local .css files for my golden template. Can I just copy some of the css of the fastgrid template?

I’ve figured out how to change the header color though, but I’d like to change the fonts on the sidebar and the bokeh fonts. Also the bokeh color bars look different, they are outlined in Golden and not in Fast



Update: I found this issue by @xavArtley and managed to get the bokeh theme working by doing this:

bokeh_theme = param.ClassSelector(class_=(BkTheme, str), default=BkTheme(json=custom_default_json_theme))


I’d still like to update the sidebar widgets look, are those the Fast equivalent widgets or are they just styled differently?