Working file input with progress update

Hey everyone. So the lack of responsiveness from the FileInput module has presented a pretty frustrating user experience for my labmates on a tool I’m developing, so I decided to take a crack at making an improved module. Basically everything I tried in Panel lead to the same result: Progress was updated cleanly up until the file transfer event occurs, then everything would hang for ~2 min while the actual upload took place. I really wanted to have it where I could dynamically update a progress bar as the transfer itself took place. @Marc made a suggestion on a related GitHub issue of taking the Bokeh file_input.ts code and modifying it, which was extremely helpful, so thank you for that! The solution I came up with doubles as a “streaming” file input, where each file is transferred as soon as possible, so you could also potentially launch background processing tasks as data rolls in (I plan on using this for a multiprocessing queue), but the data is also saved in lists and can be handled in the normal way (This can be pretty easily removed if that functionality is not necessary). I plan on also implementing Pako to pre-compress the data before the transfer to see if that speeds things up, but that felt a bit beyond the scope of this issue. Here’s the code, my apologies if there is anything non-conventional, I’m extremely new to Typescript:


#Bokeh version: 2.4.3
#Panel version: 0.14.1
import panel as pn 

from import List, String, Bool, Int
from bokeh.layouts import column
from bokeh.models import LayoutDOM


class CustomFileInputStream(LayoutDOM):

    __implementation__ = "assets/ts/custom_file_inputstream.ts"
    filename = String(default = "")
    value = String(default = "")
    mime_type = String(default = "")
    accept = String(default = "")
    multiple = Bool(default=False)
    is_loading = Bool(default=False)
    num_files = Int(default=0)
    load_progress = Int(default=0)

    filenames = List(String, default=[])
    values = List(String, default=[])
    mime_types = List(String, default=[])

    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs) -> None:
        super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
        self.on_change("is_loading", self._reset_lists)
        self.on_change("filename", self._filename_transfered)
        self.on_change("value", self._value_transfered)
        self.on_change("mime_type", self._mime_type_transfered)

    def _reset_lists(self, attr, old, new):
        if new:
            self.filenames = []
            self.values = []
            self.mime_types = []
    def _filename_transfered(self, attr, old, new):
    def _value_transfered(self, attr, old, new):
    def _mime_type_transfered(self, attr, old, new):

custom_file = CustomFileInputStream(multiple = True)

def _file_loading_callback(attr, old, new):
    if new:
        test_text.value = f"Loading {custom_file.num_files} files...\n"
        test_text.value += "Loading complete!"
custom_file.on_change("is_loading", _file_loading_callback)

def _file_loading_progress(attr, old, new):
    progress_bar.value = custom_file.load_progress
custom_file.on_change("load_progress", _file_loading_progress)

def _file_contents_changed(attr, old, new):
    test_text.value += f"{new}\n"
custom_file.on_change("filename", _file_contents_changed)

layout = column(custom_file)
bokeh_pane = pn.pane.Bokeh(layout)

progress_bar = pn.indicators.Progress(name="ProgressBar", value=1, max=100, active=False)
test_text = pn.widgets.TextAreaInput(width=500, height=300)
check_button = pn.widgets.Button(name="Check")

def check_callback(event):
    test_text.value = f"Loaded {len(custom_file.filenames)} files\n"
    for f in custom_file.filenames:
        test_text.value += f"{f}\n"

ui = pn.Column(



import { input } from "core/dom"
import * as p from "core/properties"
import {Widget, WidgetView} from "models/widgets/widget"

export class CustomFileInputStreamView extends WidgetView {
  override model: CustomFileInputStream

  protected dialog_el: HTMLInputElement

  override connect_signals(): void {
    this.connect(this.model.change, () => this.render())

  override render(): void {
    const {multiple, accept, disabled, width} = this.model
    if (this.dialog_el == null) {
      this.dialog_el = input({type: "file", multiple: multiple})
      this.dialog_el.onchange = () => {
        const {files} = this.dialog_el
        if (files != null) {
          this.model.setv({num_files: files.length, is_loading: true})
    if (accept != null && accept != "") {
      this.dialog_el.accept = accept
    } = `${width}px`
    this.dialog_el.disabled = disabled

  async load_files(files: FileList): Promise<void> {
    var progress: number = 0

    for (const file of files) {
      const data_url = await this._read_file(file)
      const [, mime_type="",, value=""] = data_url.split(/[:;,]/, 4)

      progress += 1
        value: value,
        mime_type: mime_type,
        load_progress: Math.round(100 * (progress / this.model.num_files))
    this.model.setv({is_loading: false})

  protected _read_file(file: File): Promise<string> {
    return new Promise<string>((resolve, reject) => {
      const reader = new FileReader()
      reader.onload = () => {
        const {result} = reader
        if (result != null) {
          resolve(result as string)
        } else {
          reject(reader.error ?? new Error(`unable to read '${}'`))

export namespace CustomFileInputStream {
  export type Attrs = p.AttrsOf<Props>
  export type Props = Widget.Props & {
    value: p.Property<string>
    mime_type: p.Property<string>
    filename: p.Property<string>
    accept: p.Property<string>
    multiple: p.Property<boolean>
    is_loading: p.Property<boolean>
    num_files: p.Property<number>
    load_progress: p.Property<number>
    values: p.Property<string[]>
    mime_types: p.Property<string[]>
    filenames: p.Property<string[]>

export interface CustomFileInputStream extends CustomFileInputStream.Attrs {}

export class CustomFileInputStream extends Widget {
  override properties: CustomFileInputStream.Props
  override __view_type__: CustomFileInputStreamView

  constructor(attrs?: Partial<CustomFileInputStream.Attrs>) {

  static {
    this.prototype.default_view = CustomFileInputStreamView

    this.define<CustomFileInputStream.Props>(({Number, Boolean, String, Array}) => ({
      value:     [ String, "" ],
      mime_type: [ String, "" ],
      filename:  [ String, "" ],
      accept:    [ String, "" ],
      multiple:  [ Boolean, false ],
      is_loading: [ Boolean, false],
      num_files: [ Number, 0],
      load_progress: [ Number, 0],
      values:     [ Array(String) ],
      mime_types: [ Array(String) ],
      filenames:  [ Array(String) ],

Congrats on the solution and thanks so much for sharing. Great work.

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