Bokeh DateEditor value different from display in Tabulator

I am trying to allow the user to edit a date displayed in a Tabulator. However, the value of the date chosen is always one day behind the date selected/shown. Are there any workarounds or is there something I’m doing wrong?

You can observe the behavior with the following code:

string = pn.widgets.StaticText()

test_df = pd.DataFrame(data={'Column1':, 11, 11)}, index=[0])

test_date_tbl = pn.widgets.Tabulator(
            test_df, disabled=False, editors = {'Column1':  bokeh.models.widgets.tables.DateEditor()}, selectable=True, formatters={'Column1': DateFormatter(format='%m-%d-%Y'')})

def tbl_update(event):
      string.param.update(value=f'New {event.column} value is {event.value}')


pn.Column(test_date_tbl, string )

I’m on Panel version 1.4.4 and bokeh version 3.4.1. Timezone is EST.

As I understand it Panel 1.5 will address a bunch of issues regarding Tabulator. Don’t know if this is one of them though.

See link below.

I looked through the link and I didn’t see a logged bug that looked like it addresses this behavior. Do you know what the process is for logging bugs?

Could you please open an issue Issues · holoviz/panel · GitHub? Reporting the problem you stated here, how to reproduce it, and with a screenshot?