Datashader rendering after hv.Overlay update

What is that rendering issue?

The setup is not super easy, so I thought maybe a gif tells more than 100 minimal example code lines and is a good starting point for discussion, as this problem might be known already:

Does anybody know how to fix that e.g. by making a 1px pan programmatically?

Some basic conditions:
A RangeXY stream with a subscribed function and and a RangeLinkTool are working together on some partly datashaded plots. A linked Histogram might also play a role, but is not on the gif.

If a minimal code example is necessary, I’ll try to uncover the borders of “minimal”.

It looks like something bad is happening here, but I can’t quite follow what the code is meant to do. If you can make the code reproducible and as simple as is practical, and if you state precisely what it does and what you wanted it to do, someone can probably tell what’s going on.

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This issue does have few similarities (broken overlay, fixed after user interaction) with the minimum example I just raised: