Holoviews Bars xlim


I am using Bars plot from holoviews, but it seem the xlim not working here.

And i find a solution by using param.range. (Unable to set xlim for image using apply.opts)
But it seem but supporting Period type of data. Any suggestion about how to make a xlim on period type of data.
here is a minimized example:

data = [(pd._libs.tslibs.period.Period(f'2019-0{x+1}', 'M'),x) for x in range(5)]

bars = hv.Bars(data).opts(xlim = (data[0][0],data[3][0]))


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I don’t think it is related to period as this does not work either:

import holoviews as hv
import pandas as pd


data = [(x, x) for x in range(5)]
hv.Bars(data).opts(xlim=(data[0][0], data[3][0]))


This will do what you want: bars.iloc[0:3]

References: Indexing and Selecting Data β€” HoloViews v1.15.4 and Barh Ignoring xlim - #3 by maximlt

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