How do I create a price candlestick + volume bar chart with shared x-axis?

I’m trying to recreate this blog post using the HoloViz tools. I would like to add it to and use it for work.

One of the things I cannot recreate is


I don’t nescessarily have to overlay the two. But at least I would like the candlestick and bar plots to use the same x-axis. Such that zoom etc. is linked.

But I’m not able to.

I can get to this. But the x-axis are not linked

from datetime import timedelta
import yfinance as yf
import hvplot.pandas as pd
import holoviews as hv
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd

def _extract_raw_data(ticker="MSFT", period="6mo", interval="1d"):
    extractor = yf.Ticker(ticker)
    return extractor.history(period=period, interval=interval).reset_index()

def _transform_data(raw_data: pd.DataFrame):
    data = raw_data[["Date", "Open", "High", "Low", "Close", "Volume"]].copy(deep=True).rename(columns={
        "Date": "time",
        "Open": "open",
        "High": "high",
        "Low": "low",
        "Close": "close",
        "Volume": "volume",
    t_delta = timedelta(hours=1)
    data['time_start'] = data.time - 9*t_delta # rectangles start
    data['time_end'] = data.time + 9*t_delta    # rectangles end
    data['positive'] = ((data.close ->0).astype(int)
    return data

def make_candle_stick(data):
    _delta = np.median(np.diff(data.time))
    candlestick = hv.Segments(data, kdims=['time', 'low', 'time', 'high']) * hv.Rectangles(data, kdims=['time_start','open', 'time_end', 'close'], vdims=['positive'])
    candlestick = candlestick.redim.label(Low='Values')
    return candlestick.opts(hv.opts.Rectangles(color='positive', cmap=['red', 'green'], responsive=True), hv.opts.Segments(color='black', height=400, responsive=True))

def make_volume_plot(data):
    return data.hvplot(x="time", y="volume", kind="line", responsive=True, height=200)

raw_data = _extract_raw_data()
data = _transform_data(raw_data=raw_data)

candle_stick_plot = make_candle_stick(data)
volume_plot = make_volume_plot(data)
import panel as pn
pn.pane.HoloViews((candle_stick_plot+volume_plot).cols(1), sizing_mode="stretch_both").servable()

If I change kind="bar" to kind="line" the two axis are linked. But everybody in Finance would expect to have a bar plot - not a line plot.

Agreed that this is very frustrating, the best you can probably do is use a hv.Histogram to represent the bars. It’s the Histogram is misnamed and should be called ContinuousBars or something better.


Thanks @philippjfr

I got it working by using hv.Histogram as you suggested. I had to use a Panel GridSpec to layout the plots.

Now I need to fix/ lock some of the axis, put in nicely formatted axis and set some sensible toolbar defaults.

But it’s already so nice. Will share when I have it finalized.

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Can you show code for this beautiful example? I’m trying to do price candlestick with holoviews

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Code is here awesome-panel/ at master · MarcSkovMadsen/awesome-panel (

Live version is here Volume Profile Analysis (

If you like this example feel free to share on Twitter Thanks.

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