How do I keep the height of hv.Image when its updated?

I’m trying to create an example of using Panel and HoloViews for the scikit-image docs.

When I change the Color Map in the example below the height and width of the images change. How do I avoid that?

import holoviews as hv
import panel as pn
from skimage import data, filters


image = data.coins()
edges = filters.sobel(image)

bounds = (-1, -1, 1, 1)
height, width = image.shape

cmaps = [cmap for cmap in hv.plotting.list_cmaps() if (cmap.endswith("_r") and cmap.islower())]
cmap = pn.widgets.Select(
    value="binary_r", options=cmaps, width=290, sizing_mode="fixed", name="Color Map"
before_img = hv.Image(image, bounds=bounds).apply.opts(
    cmap=cmap, height=height, width=width, title="Before", active_tools=["box_zoom"]
after_img = hv.Image(edges, bounds=bounds).apply.opts(
    cmap=cmap, height=height, width=width, title="After", active_tools=["box_zoom"]

before = pn.panel(before_img, sizing_mode="scale_width")
after = pn.panel(after_img, sizing_mode="scale_width")

component = pn.Row(before, after)

    site="Awesome Panel",
    title="Finding Edges with Scikit-Image",

Maybe not completely what you want, but if I change the following from your code it seems to work a lot better:

cmap = pn.widgets.Select(
    value="binary_r", options=cmaps, name="Color Map"

before_img = hv.Image(image, bounds=bounds).apply.opts(
    cmap=cmap, title="Before", active_tools=["box_zoom"], responsive=True
after_img = hv.Image(edges, bounds=bounds).apply.opts(
    cmap=cmap, title="After", active_tools=["box_zoom"], responsive=True

before = pn.panel(before_img)
after = pn.panel(after_img)

component = pn.Row(before, after, height=2 * height)


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