Why does the 2nd image in my layout not show?

I’m trying to create an example of using Panel and HoloViews for the scikit-image docs.

I would like to layout two images next to each other. But the second image just blanks out.

import holoviews as hv
import panel as pn
from skimage import data, filters


image = data.coins()
edges = filters.sobel(image)

bounds = (-1, -1, 1, 1)
height, width = image.shape

before_img = hv.Image(image, bounds=bounds).opts(
    cmap="binary_r", height=height, width=width, title="Before", active_tools=["box_zoom"]
after_img = hv.Image(edges, bounds=bounds).opts(
    cmap="binary_r", height=height, width=width, title="After", active_tools=["box_zoom"]

component = pn.Row(before_img+after_img).servable()

I would expect the 2nd image to look like

See How do I keep the height of hv.Image when its updated? - HoloViews - HoloViz Discourse

It is because the colormap is synced, try (before_img+after_img).opts(shared_axes=False). If you add colorbar to you example it gets more clear:

If you want to be able to move the plots at the same time you could multiply edges with 255, this should properly be seen as a little hack.

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Even better is to just set the vdims for the two Images. Like:

before_img = hv.Image(image, bounds=bounds, vdims=("image")).opts(
    cmap="binary_r",height=height, width=width, title="Before", active_tools=["box_zoom"], colorbar=True
after_img = hv.Image(edges, bounds=bounds, vdims=("edges")).opts(
    cmap="binary_r",height=height, width=width, title="After", active_tools=["box_zoom"], colorbar=True


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Ahhhh. Thanks @Hoxbro

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It’s now are Feature Request for the docs in Scikit-image Add example of scikit-image interactive tool build using Panel and HoloViews to the docs · Issue #6023 · scikit-image/scikit-image (github.com). You can find the code/ notebook there.


There is video walkthrough here scikit image panel holoviews - YouTube

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