How to enforce xlim/ylim on geoviews even if map aspect is incorrect?

The image is bouncing around with a holomap. I don’t mind if the map aspect is inaccurate.

I’ve tried manually setting xlim/ylim, aspect, frame_width, frame_height, global_extents, but when I use the bokeh zoom and change the holomap’s selection, it bounces around.

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Hi @ahuang11

Great to see you are active :slight_smile:

I am not that experienced with geoviews. But if you could be more specific and include a minimal, reproducing code and some screenshot/ gifs it would make it much easier to try to help. And the community would also end up with an improved code and knowledge base.

Would that be possible?


Haha I was unable to recreate it with a minimal example, but another question:

I think I found the solution: don’t use hvplot if you’re experiencing skewing issues. vanilla geoviews works for me, and also set a frame_width/frame_height. responsive fails for me unfortunately