Hvplot No output in jupyter

Since updating my linux kernel to 6.6.6 I’m not getting output from hvplot with bokeh or plotly backends in jupyter unless I refresh the page!

ALL software version info


Python 3.10.12

Linux Kernel: 6.6.6-76060606-generic

Description of expected behavior and the observed behavior

Expecting hvplot to work in jupyter…

Complete, minimal, self-contained example code that reproduces the issue

import pandas as pd
import hvplot.pandas
import numpy as np

df = pd.DataFrame({'x':range(100), 'y': np.linspace(0,100,100)})


Stack traceback and/or browser JavaScript console output

In the web console in jupyter:

TypeError: Bokeh is undefined
Panel: ERROR: Unable to run Panel code because Bokeh or Panel library is missing

Screenshots or screencasts of the bug in action

No output:


However, if I refresh the web page on jupyter then I now see output:


Documented here: No output in jupyter. · Issue #1232 · holoviz/hvplot · GitHub

But the above hasn’t gotten a response in a whole week. I know it’s around the holidays, but this is a pretty serious bug.

I downgraded from holoviews 1.18.1 to 1.18.0 and bokeh from bokeh from 3.3.2 to 3.3.1 and things are working.

same issue. Downgrading the libraries however did not resolve the problem for me.
Importing bokeh and using it to create a figure does work however.

Forced reinstall: currently working with
{‘panel’: ‘1.3.6’, ‘holoviews’: ‘1.18.0’, ‘matplotlib’: ‘3.8.2’, ‘bokeh’: ‘3.3.2’, ‘numpy’: ‘1.26.2’}
jupyterlab version 4.0.10

I really don’t get it:

  1. just upgraded everything again to be able to use my tools:
    {‘panel’: ‘1.3.6’, ‘holoviews’: ‘1.18.1’, ‘matplotlib’: ‘3.8.2’, ‘bokeh’: ‘3.3.2’, ‘numpy’: ‘1.26.2’}, jupyterlab: {‘panel’: ‘1.3.6’, ‘holoviews’: ‘1.18.1’, ‘matplotlib’: ‘3.8.2’, ‘bokeh’: ‘3.3.2’, ‘numpy’: ‘1.26.2’}
  1. holoviews graph and panel do not display
    reloading the notebook displayed them once, and never again.
  2. moved code into a new directory with a gitlab repository
    holoviews graphs and panels display properly

I also have this issue on JupyterLab 3.6.6 using multiple environments ranging from older to latest.

Maybe submit as an issue on HoloViews.

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I am thinking of doing so but I want to isolate what the issue is because the rest of my colleagues use the same tools (spawn the same container containning the same env and versions of everything) as me and can not reproduce the issue.