Not change Bokeh axes limits with Dynamic Map

Hi, I am trying to look at xarray datarrays in hvplot using bokeh, but my question also applies to creating the Dynamic Map that hvplot makes manually. Basically, I would like to not have bokeh axis ranges reset when changing one of the sliders/menus that correspond to the different kdims I am exploring.

As I understand, the holoviews dynamic map returns a new plot when the panel parameters are changed, hence why the bokeh axis limits are resizing. I want to be able to zoom into a portion of my particular dataset and play with the sliders and see the effect. But not the plot zooms out because a new plot is being returned by the dynamic map. I can set the axis limits manually when calling hvplot, but that removes the point of the interactive features of the bokeh plot.

Perhaps there is some way to indicate to the dynamic map callback that the axis limits should be the axis limits of the previously shown bokeh plot…

Thanks for posting! It’s very difficult for me to respond in the abstract without an example to guide our discussion but I think all you need is set framewise=False in the call to hvplot.

That did the trick, thanks!