Save panel template app as a HTML

Is there any way to save panel template app as a HTML?

but for template layout, something like:'test.html')

Hi @bigsmile,

The code snippet below might be something you’re looking for. I am using this to download “a section of a tab of an app”, if that makes sense. Let me know if you need further explanation.

from io import BytesIO

def dl_perf():
    b = BytesIO()
    return b

button_dl_perf = pn.widgets.FileDownload(callback=dl_perf, filename='perf.html', button_type='primary')

It’s not what I mean, I want to know if I can have html of whole of app with template and not each part
Think of this app how to have html of this instead of serverable() ?(whole stuff with template as one html file)

Just had a look at home and couldn’t figure it out, so I’d be interested as well if anybody wants to contribute.

At the same time there’s a way to save your whole material.main object, meaning you won’t have a header or sidebar, but everything else including CSS.

A simple example. Let’s suppose your app is made of one column as per below…

mat_main = pn.Column(a, b, c, d, download_button)

Then you can use the method from my other reply with pn.panel(mat_main).save(b) and as you probably can guess the download button will be visible in the saved html file as well.

I would also like to be able to add a Download or Save button to my apps using the templates. I see that there is a feature request for this here Add .save() method to Template class · Issue #1066 · holoviz/panel (