Table formatting


Is is possible to perform any formatting on a hv table in terms of colouring the cells or columns. Or say the colour of the column names?

thanks Jason

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Would also like to know this! I know it’s possible with plotly. So, you could just serve a plotly table with panel. But I’d also like to do it with Holoviews.

I can contribute my little knowledge.

An alternative if your tables are small and you don’t need interactivity is to use Pandas Styling.


I would also like to know how this could be done “easily”. For example the Plotly tables can be “easily” styled.


Cheers Marc

Fyi. I’ve added an alternative data grid to the awesome-panel-extensions package. It might also be an option.

See change log

A PR has been opened to get this into Panel.

There is also a discussion here Loading js file to change color on pn object with some additional solutions.