Trying to make a scatter plot with interactive and xarray, but only shows one point at the time


I am starting with Holoviews and this might be a very silly question but I have spend many days trying to figure it out without success, so I decided to ask here.

I have an xarray with 5 coordinates (only 3 independent) and 7 Data variables (7 data cubes. i.e. 3-dimensional arrays). Using pn.widgets.Select and pn.widgets.IntSlider I can successfully select one of the cubes display on slice of it in any of the three directions.

Now I am trying to generate a scatter plot with the x nd Y as values of two of the cubes in the selected slice. However even before trying to link the plots, just trying to get a scatterplot I get a single point and three sliders (one per independent dimension), because of this there is only a single point in the scatterplot for every combination of the three coordinates.

I am trying to generate the scatter with this:

attr_y = pnw.Select(options=attrlist, value='mu_rho', name='Y')
tw = pnw.FloatSlider(name='Two Way TIme', start=850, end=1050, step=2, value=900)
xrds.hvplot(x=attr_x, y=attr_y, kind='scatter')

Anything else I have tried raise exceptions.

Any idea about:

a) How to make a scatter plot from two data variables from an array filter by one dimension

b) How to link the scatter plot with said filtered slice?

Thanks in advance.