Two yaxis in one plot

Hi everybody!
I´m trying to overlay two different plots. Each of these plots has different y-axis units but they share the same x-axis.
For example, plot-A is logCO2 x % and plot-B is logCO2 x pH.

So I would like to overlay these two plots and have a graphic plot that I could see the logCO2 on the x-axis and % in the y-axis on the left side of the plot, and pH on the y-axis on the right side of the plot.
Is it possible?

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Unfortunately this is not yet supported… This is documented somewhere in the userguide but couldn’t find it.

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Hi @saulobertolino

I can see on github that there has been a request for this and there might be some workarounds. Checkout

A few months ago, I tried to make a plot like you want. I found a workaround but I don’t know if it will work in your case.

You can find the discussion at this post : One linear axis one log axis on same graph

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