Welcome! Please Introduce yourself :)

Welcome, Sorin! I’ve seen some of your work, and it is inspiring!


Hi @Lnk2past ! That sounds really exciting. Please post links to your apps and course materials as you develop them; we’ll be very glad to check them out!

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Hi Everyone

My Name is Victor. I am working at JLR as Material Data IT Lead Engineer.

The starting point of using holoviz is from my previews work at Knauf insulation. And i am using panel and build some dashboard and analysis tool for the business. And i get really good time working with James’s teams.

And Panel for me is kind of online GUI tools to make analysis interactive and robust.

I do like this community very much as people here are kind and super helpful.

Thanks all the help from everybody in this community(especially Marc):slight_smile:


Hi Victor! Hope you’ll be able to post some of your apps publicly, as the ones I’ve seen privately are amazing!

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Sure. James, I make some of dashboard previewly, But it is for bussiness. I also make some app with panel for fun, And i will published some soon.


I’m Neil. I’m a Scotsman living in the South of Sweden. I am an electronics engineer by training and the electricity grid is my specialist subject. I use Holoviz across a number of use cases in commodity trading, regulatory reporting, customer service, PV, batteries, EV telematics and other themes associated with the electrification of everything.


Hi everyone,
I am Arwen front-end developer working primarily in the tech industry. I specialize in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and various front-end frameworks. I use Holoviz tools for visualizing complex data sets and enhancing the user experience on web applications.