What @pyviz/jupyterlab_pyviz labextension is compatible with jupyterlab 3.6?

I tried downgrading jupyterlab to 3.6,
ending up with a clean reinstall of jupyter and holoviews.
The problem I am running into is that it tried and failed to install pyviz/jupyterlab/pyviz 3.0.0 with a “not compatible with jupyterlab version” message.

How would I do a working clean install of jupyterlab and holoviews
using pip (i.e., not using conda)?

Have you tried from scratch?

python -m venv .venv
source .venv/bin/activate # linux
pip install jupyterlab holoviews

I would expect that to work.

I had tried from scratch. It kept installing 3.0.0
but would not show any panels or hv elements.

What did work in the end was

  • stopping all running kernels
  • clearing the browser cache
  • restarting a single kernel

at least, that appeared to be the magic invocation,
and I have been up and running for 2 days now.