Why is it not possible to show a plotly FigureWidget?

The plotly.graph_objects.FigureWidget object can be used to convert a Plotly graph into a widget and make it possible to invoke callbacks when the user interacts with the the plot.

This works fine with Voila: when I start the Voila server, the plot is shown and callbacks are invoked.

However, I found no way to show the FigureWidget in Panel. Am I missing something or is this simply not possible?

I would prefer to use Panel over Voila, if possible, but showing my custom-made plotly graph in an interactive way (i.e. with Python callbacks) is essential. Even more so as I did not find a way yet to render the same graph with Holoviz/Bokeh (see Stacked (large) timeseries with shared x-axis and separate y-axes? this kind of stacked scatter/line graph with a shared x-axis seems to not be possible)