Streaming Heatmaps with Panel

I have two heat maps.
i want to stream data to the bottom one , when i scroll the top slider.

For some reason, Bokeh streaming does not working for me.

I have two questions:

  1. how can i make it work (in Jupyter)
  2. should i move to using Holoviews, and what would be the benefit?

I !HeatMap example|690x449](upload://5FGn1a1BPxO9nhF6YKNWijGFkN5.png)

In Holoviews you can pass a stream to a DynamicMap. This can either be done through a ‘pipe’, which will re-plot the entire graph, or with a ‘buffer’, which will keep i.e. your zoom level.

There are a bunch of examples on here for streaming data without blocking the main function:



And cant i do it with ‘pure’ Bokeh?

Please provide an example of what you’ve tried, without that it’s pretty difficult to try and fix it.

see Bokeh heatmap streaming not working with Panel